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Oct 14, 2012 7:00am PDT
at aei, brett stevens, "the wall street journal's" jurial and the public policy of the national university of singapore. welcome back to all of you. bill, what did you make of what was billed as romney's major foreign policy address? >> the interesting thing to me was when you strip away the rhett rinne and the high-minded talk about leadership, he's not that different from obama and on a couple of points it seemed to me he moved a little closer to president obama, play-by-play analogous to the way he moved to the middle on domestic policy in the first debate. >> diane, you wrote an article in the op-ed times calling him the kind of stark substantive contrast or at least a vision, wasn't so clear it was a contrast. what did you think of it? did he deliver for you in. >> i thght he delivered to me up to a point. i think he made a lot of effort to be more pacific than he has. you know, the campaign on foreign policy has really been plagued by a certain vagueness in this obama has run on his record and romney has run as not obama but none of it has any real texture to it. i think h
Oct 7, 2012 7:00am PDT
group played a role in the benghazi attack that killed ambassador stevens last month. how mump do we have to worry about? michael hayden has run the u.s. intelligence agency under three presidents. he was appointed by bill carolina tochb and was in that post on 9/11. george w. bush later named him cia director, a job he left 23 days after obama came into office. he's now an adviser to the romney campaign. welcome back to the show, general hayden. >> good morning, fareed. thank you. >> there are two possibilities, one, that this is a bunch of bad guys, militants, that got lucky. the other is this is a systematic campaign perhaps directed by one of the major al qaeda affiliates, if not al qaeda central. you know, this is, in fact, a -- you know, the execution of a long planned attack against the united states. which do you think seems more plausible? >> well, fareed, this is all fuzzy and it's just not fuzzy in our analyst. it's fuzzy in real life. if you look at al qaeda, i'll give you three tears. you gievet al qaeda prime still in pakistan and the border. i think we both agree they
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)